Plan Sponsors, Foundations, & Endowments

Whether you need help sponsoring your company’s retirement plan or implementing investment strategies that align with your organization’s broader mission, our experts are positioned to help in multiple ways.

Foundations & Endowments

Your trustees’ attention is often split between managing assets, fiduciary responsibilities and operational needs. Our team provides razor-sharp investment strategies with transparent fee structures and scheduled meetings, so everyone is on the same page, marching towards the same mission.

We help you stay focused by offering:

  • An investment policy statement
  • The custom design and management of investment allocations
  • The oversight of principal investments to meet current and future needs
  • Ongoing due diligence and scheduled reviews of investment performance
  • Coordination and access to independent third-party money mangers
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Retirement Plan Sponsorship

If you sponsor a retirement plan, you can provide a path to wealth for participants and receive significant tax advantages for your company.

To help maximize your plan’s effectiveness, we can design wide-ranging 401k, 403b and 457 programs across multiple platforms for your employees, define your benefits plan, design your investment policy statement and provide Third Party actuarial services.

Trust, Fiduciary & Administrative Services

For your wishes to be honored, it takes more than a verbal agreement. It takes planning, notarized documents and someone who will shoulder the responsibility seriously.

Center Street Capital Advisors has helped many families and organizations by providing assistance to services below:

  • Institutional trust and custody
  • Treasury management
  • Board meeting support
  • Customized reporting
  • Gift and grant administration services
  • Executing spending policies
  • Donor advisory services
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