Corporate Executives

As a corporate executive, your compensation can consist of sizeable bonuses, stock options and salary. But with more money comes more complexity that could end up costing you in the long run without the proper strategy in place.

Our team will work closely with you to review, develop and implement strategies to optimize your compensation structure, navigate complex federal securities laws, comply with internal company trading policies and manage personal tax liability as you monetize and diversify your holdings across multiple investment vehicles:

10b5-1 Plans

  • Can be sold in a pre-arranged manner to offer flexibility, diversity and a defense against insider-trading accusations
  • Allow you to execute a sales strategy that works in your best interest, regardless of company-defined trading windows
  • Engages in purchases or option exercises in an orderly manner

Equity-Based Benefits

Equity-Based Benefits (Stock Options/RSUs) can be lucrative, but often come with vesting schedules and other stipulations. We can create strategies to help you match your future personal income needs, manage your tax exposure — particularly AMT — and help you plan when to execute your shares.

Image closeup of papers displaying performance report information laid out on a desk or flat surface.
Image of over shoulder view of man checking a smart phone with stock, securities or financial information performance graphed in an app.

Restricted and/or Control Stock Shares

If you own restricted and/or control stock shares, our experts can help ensure smooth and efficient transactions while also actively communicating with your general counsel or HR professional.

Concentrated Stock

Holding concentrated stock of your company is a high-risk/reward proposition. We’ll develop strategies to broaden your core positions and most effectively manage your concentrated shares.